Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gambling problem

We all know that adrenalin rush we get when we win something, but imagine what your life would be like if you jeopardized your emotional and financial well-being because you were constantly chasing that “winning” feeling. Compulsive gamblers do just that. They are unable to control their desire to gamble because they have what is technically classified as an impulse-control disorder. Without treatment, it is a serious problem that can destroy lives. A recovery term for quitting gambling is to “stay off the bet,” but as many recovering gamblers will tell you, “It’s easier said then done.” Luckily, recent findings in neuroplasticity research, the brain’s ability to make changes through learning, may hold some answers. The brain has a remarkable ability to re-wire itself when provided with the right kind of stimulation which is providing hope for many people who are suffering with addictions.


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mortgage, Loan and Real Estate Blog

A new blog has been re-launched. The blog is about finance, real estate, home and loan. It’s very good blog. Give us information about a lot of things related to real estate and loan. Especially for me who about to buy a new house and need loan. The Blog name is

Hopefully this help me to get my dream home.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

BD's Little Photoshop Of Horrors - Round 2!

BD's Little Photoshop Of Horrors - Round 2! - We're back and ready for Round 2 of BD's Little Photoshop Of Horrors. Last round went better than expected and we had a ton of great entries you can see here, and we're hoping for another good batch this week. Read on for this round's topic and details on how to submit your photoshop!

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Technology Update: Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional (Paperback)

'Wicked Lake' Website Launch, Trailer Debut!

'Wicked Lake' Website Launch, Trailer Debut! - We're pretty excited for the indie horror flick, Wicked Lake, especially because THE LOST director Chris Sivertson produced it. Today we caught word that the official website has launched for the film, which stars Marc Senter, Robin Sydney, Tim Thomerson, Will Kennan, Angela Bettis, Michael Esparza. At the site you can not only check out a dozen stills, but you can watch the first trailer! Go check it out! Wicked Lake tells of four co-ed girls who head out to a lakeside mountain cabin for a relaxing weekend. Unbeknownst to them, there are two groups of predatory monstrosities who have their eyes on them ... that is until the stroke of midnight when all hell literally breaks loose.

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Technology Update: Xbox 360 Elite System Console Includes 120GB Hard Drive (Video Game)

'Worst Case Scenario' is Finally Back!

'Worst Case Scenario' is Finally Back! - Our BFF, TwitchFilm caught word that there's still hope for the long-delayed adaptation of Worst Case Scenario, which has displayed some astounding presentations online. They discovered that "a new financier is in place and things are rolling along. Proof? Their production blog has recently sprung back to life, most recently trumpeting the fact that theyve managed to pillage the military bunker sets employed by Paul Verhoevens Black Book for use in their film." Read on for the trailer that blew everyone away!

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Technology Update: TomTom ONE Carry Bag For your TomTom ONE navigator

New Stills: The Ruins, Shutter and Prom Night

New Stills: The Ruins, Shutter and Prom Night - We've got loads of new stills from two upcoming remakes and a hardcore R-rated adaptation. Inside you'll find new pics from 20th Century Fox's Shutter, which arrives in theaters March 21, Paramount Pictures' The Ruins (review), which arrives in theaters April 4, and from Sony Screen Gems' remake of Prom Night, which arrives in theaters April 11. Click the titles above for more info on all of the films, otherwise read on for the images.

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Technology Update: Coby Portable DVD/FM Player with Two Wireless Headsets

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cover Art, Full Specs For Summit's 'P2' DVD Release

Cover Art, Full Specs For Summit's 'P2' DVD Release - Today Amazon released an image of the DVD cover art for the previously announced P2 (review), coming from Summit Entertainment on April 8. Extra features include: A NEW LEVEL OF FEAR: THE MAKING OF P2Go behind the scenes of the terrifying thriller to watch the filmmakers create maximum horror and suspense, DESIGNING TERRORP2's master designers share their secrets for crafting visuals that ratchet up the thriller, TENSION NOUVEAU: PRESENTING FRANCK KHALFOUNAn exclusive profile of Khalfoun, horror's latest auteur filmmaker and AUDIO COMMENTARY WITH THE DIRECTOR AND FILMMAKERS OF P2. Read on for the cover art.

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Technology Update: Coby TF-DVD7005 7" Portable DVD Player (Electronics)
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